Reduce Startup Risks 04 (Video): Make Product Management Your Competitive Advantage (Adam Jarczyn)

Product managers and their teams are often at risk of being pulled in eighteen different directions at once. For our latest RSR interview, I sat down with Adam Jarczyn, SVP Operations and Product at #Paid to learn how to cut the distractions and make your product team part of your competitive advantage.

Jarczyn entered the startup world in 2012 when he founded HOVR.IT, a visual search company that was quickly acquired by Slyce, and has now transitioned to influencer marketing as part of #Paid. As an SVP of Operations and Product, he’s a master of ensuring product effectiveness & efficiency. In this video he covers:

  • Prioritizing (the seemingly endless) list of product efforts
  • Analytics vs. gut feelings: When to use which
  • Communicating product vision
  • Focused measurement
  • Pricing models
  • What to look for in a product manager
  • Growing your product team
  • Where startups fail

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