All Startups Are the Same

Your customers will leave.

Someone will spread lies about your company on social media.

Some other startup with get all the media attention.

Your forecasts will look like climbing an Everest.

You will miss those forecasts.

Someone else will have a cooler name and a better website.

You will have disagreements over what needs to be built.

You will overlook some massive hole that will come to bite you big time.

Your tech will accumulate debt.

You will lose a ton of money on the foreign exchange rate.

You will not be able to collect money from some clients.

Someone will try to steal your money.

There will be a ton of miscommunication and misunderstanding.

People on your team will leave.

You will have a near “death” experience.

You will lose to your main competitor.

Your processes will break.

You will sue and will be sued.

You will pivot.

Investors will bail.

You will onboard software that will be used by nobody.

You will run out of office space.

There will be a fight (hopefully not a fist fight).

You will think you ran out of ideas.

Your servers will be down.

Your systems will have a problem with data integrity.

Your Wi-Fi will suck.

Your marketing will not work.

You will hear “No” a lot.

Hurtful reviews will appear on Glassdoor.

You will doubt yourself.

You will feel frustrated, powerless, and defeated.

You will feel alone.


Every startup is the same – not perfect, broken, raw. But we didn’t choose this road because it was easy. We chose it because we wanted it hard. 100%. 24/7.  

Keep going.