Originally, I started this website to help share lessons I learned while co-founding and running StackAdapt, a venture-backed technology company (currently 140+ employees). Since the site's inception, my interests expanded to write not only about business. I welcome you to read and watch what I have created. Know that I am on a perpetual journey of learning and self-betterment; some opinions are bound to become outdated. 


My perspectives and StackAdapt were on:



My values:


Strive to change the world.

Be the best version of yourself and positively impact others.


Startups are hard. Startups are very hard, in fact. I know this because I co-founded StackAdapt, a venture-backed technology company. Having made many good and bad decisions in the process. Here I will share my and startup experts' insights on culture, product, sales & marketing, and startup mindset. 


Guide to Building Your Startup Management Dashboard

These are the metrics you must start tracking today!

Everything Else

I am interested in many subjects. I can't physically write about them all, but I will chip away at some topics that I am in the mood to talk about now.